70 Years after Churchill launched the European Movement at the Congress of The Hague in 1948

The European Movement celebration of its 70th anniversary has just finished in The Hague. It was a great privilege to represent the Movement and the tone of the discussions - from Norway to Sicily - was so different to the usual UK discussions. The clips of Churchill's phenomenal oratory told the whole story of what "Europe" was about when it launched - liberty, equality and fraternity (to borrow a phrase!). 

The audience may have sat on the same chairs as in 1948 (and they are still just as uncomfortable!) but that did not distract from the earnest - though inspiring - speeches about the values behind `better together'. In a highly uncertain world of power blocs, the tone was so much more appealing to the heart than carping in a mean-minded way about an economic game of modest sums of money. Truly uplifting! 

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