20 October London

People’s Vote march, 20 October, London

We marched:  we took photographs!!


Last Saturday about 100 people from the Hastings and Rye and the Bexhill and Battle constituencies converged on a hectically busy and sunny London to march from Hyde Park to Westminster. The reason was to demand of our politicians a People’s Vote on whether we should leave the European Union when it finally becomes clear what if any would be the terms of our leaving.

In the group were members of the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green parties and many who do not belong to any political party at all. All had been brought together by the 1066 branch of the European Movement to be part of the biggest people’s protest since that against the Iraq War.

The banner held high by the group during the March was remarked on by many fellow marchers as the best banner at the March. It has been lovingly created as a pastiche of the Bayeux Tapestry and says ‘Hastings loves Europe since 1066.’

Stephen Hardy




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