Fake news in the Sunday Times

The paper published a disparaging report on the People's Vote march last week. This week they a letter from Catherine Wilson from Wales headed 'No elitism in the anti-Brexit march' This was countered by a letter stating that the march was undemocratic (?). We all must hold the press to account when they publish fake news. Here is a copy of my letter to the Sunday Times:


To The Editor

The Sunday Times, London

[email protected]

23 October 2018


Dear Sir,

Fake News

I didn’t recognise the People’s Vote march  Rosamund Urwin reported on (Hundreds of thousands march for new Brexit vote, The Sunday Times, 21 October). I was there for 5 hours and, contrary to her suggestion that the marchers were mainly from London and the South East, I alone saw a large contingent from Cornwall, several large groups from Wales, plus representatives from Bristol and Yorkshire.  Scottish saltires were also visible amongst the vast crowds. There were people from all levels of society and all ages, belying Unwin’s claim that most participants represented the middle classes. I did not see a single designer handbag; most people were carrying rucksacks holding water and sandwiches to sustain them during the long march.

I can only conclude that Unwin simply reported what she wanted or expected to see, producing all too common fake news, rather than the reality.  The important truth was that nearly 3-quarters-of-a- million people took part, the largest march since the Iraq war, from all over the country. Many marchers represented 10 or more people showing the names of their proxies on their back.  The purpose of the march was well illustrated by a slogan on it: … New Facts, New Vote. 

We do not want a second referendum on Brexit, we want a new referendum on the final deal now we know some of the facts.

Yours sincerely,

Simon van der Slikke

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