The 1066 Branch of the European movement

A new local branch of the all-party European Movement, to cover the Bexhill & Battle and Hastings and Rye constituencies, was formally created at an inaugural meeting. It already has a membership of over forty, and aims to recruit many more over the next few months.

“The fightback against Brexit is gathering momentum,” said newly-elected chairman Ben Patterson, formerly Conservative MEP for West Kent. “The likely consequences of quitting the European Union are now much clearer. More and more people are realising that it would be a tragic mistake.”

The Eastern Sussex branch is the seventy-sixth local European Movement branch to be created in recent months,  and aims to mobilise local opinion in the two constituencies as Parliament’s “meaningful vote” draws nearer. It will be campaigning through the distribution of leaflets in the main urban centres, on-line through its web-site and by participation in social media. Young voters, in particular, will be encouraged to take part through the Young European Movement (YEM).

The meeting identified several important local issues. How many nationals from other EU countries, for example, worked at the Conquest Hospital? hat would happen if they decided, or had, to leave?

Among the events the branch will be organising is a regular discussion group – open to both EM members and non-members − to examine the issues raised as Brexit negotiations progress. 

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