The 1066 branch of the European Movement was set up to give people living in the Bexhill/Battle and Hastings/Rye constituencies - of all political persuasions - the chance to meet together at a local level to discuss the UK's relationship with the European Union and better understand the situation in which the UK finds itself.


Lord Adonis, Chair of the European Movement, joined us by Zoom on Saturday the 15th January 2022.  His topic was:

"The European Movement and Brexit in 2022"

At least 25 members joined the Zoom call and everyone was cheered and inspired by Lord Adonis's hopes and plans for the future of the European Movement.  He kindly took a large amount of questions from the membership.  The event was inspiring.

If you are registered to attend then we will assume that you intend to join the Zoom meeting unless you let us know otherwise - you will be contacted with details and a link before the event.

This is a unique opportunity to hear his views of the way forward for the Movement and join in an open discussion on the challenges that face the Movement as a whole and how they impact your local branch. We are keen to hear from our members what issues concern you personally regarding the European Movement and Brexit, so please let us know so that Lord Adonis can be briefed.


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To become a Member of the 1066 branch of the European Movement UK, it is first necessary to join the National Branch by following this link https://www.europeanmovement.co.uk/- stating your postcode - which will automatically add you to our database (provided you live in either the Bexhill and Battle or Hastings and Rye Constituency). 

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    Yet another scathing report about the state of the United Kingdom coming from a European source was issued last week -

    .... this time from the Council of Europe, an organisation which was originally the idea of Winston Churchill. Its founding document is the Treaty of London signed in 1946 with the aim of upholding democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe post Second World War – what's not to like about that? PS the UK was one of the founding members.

    The Council of Europe reported on the UK in 2018 asking for its anti-corruption laws to be strengthened. This new report however finds that just five out of 12 recommendations issued to the UK government in 2018 had been “dealt with satisfactorily”. The Government's standards watchdog is not independent – it can only take action if the Prime Minister approves. There is no effective control on the revolving door between ex-ministers and the private sector. Matt Hancock is excused despite him owning at least 20% of a company which was awarded an NHS contract

    The UK got a rating of 42% compliance, its worst rating ever, compared with previous scores of  between 75 and 100% compliance.

    The report also picks up on the recent scandal of ex-PM David Cameron’s lobbying on behalf of Greensill Capital, where he could have benefited from millions in share profits had the company not gone bust.

    Boris Johnson has shown scant regard for honesty and transparency with serious doubts surrounding how his Downing Street flat refurb and previously his luxury Caribbean holiday were paid for.

    It certainly looks like the only people who do not see we have a serious problem with our democracy are those currently in power in this country.

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    Boris Johnson Government is woefully and clearly struggling to find any benefits from leaving the biggest free trading area in the world.

    Last week on Bloomberg, an online news site, I came across a small but mind-boggling report. It concerned Lord Frost, the unelected Conservative minister in charge of our post-Brexit affairs. Perhaps you may remember the jibes by Leavers about unelected officials dictating our future!

    Lord Frost said he was recruiting an external adviser to seek out new opportunities for our post Brexit economy. He was addressing a committee of MPs and his exact words were ‘We have high hopes of outside input into this process.’

    So here we are five years on from the Brexit referendum vote, the Boris Johnson Government is woefully and clearly struggling to find any benefits from leaving the biggest free trading area in the world.

    Stephen Hardy, Robertsbridge

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