Lord Heseltine


On Wednesday 29th May, 2019 Lord Heseltine became President of the European Movement UK

Here are some extracts from his speech to the European Movement at the time of his acceptance of the Presidency: ....

"The Brexit case is a slickly packaged manifesto targeted at those most dangerous of human emotions. Nationalism and racialism. It is articulated with skilfully woven images of foreigners, immigrants and bureaucrats.  Its critics are dismissed contemptuously as out of touch elites. The speeches are easy, the priorities simple. The reality is very different." ....

...."Whether you want to leave the EU or to stay in, the only way to unlock the Brexit process in parliament, the only way secure a stable majority in Parliament, the only way to legitimise the outcome so we can build a lasting settlement in the country is to give the people the final say. If we get that final say referendum, I know we must win the case to stay in the European Union. But I also believe we can, and we will." ....

...."We can now genuinely be described as a European Movement. We know that the inspiration for the European Movement lies in the horrors of three European wars in seventy five years. Our purpose remains crystal clear. We stand for a stable, peaceful Europe. We stand for a union of Parliamentary democracies .... When our time comes, we must stand at the bar of history to account to tomorrow’s children for our stewardship of their inheritance"....

...."That time has come.

Here we stand. Here we fight.

Join us."

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