Only a Government of National Unity (GNU) can solve Brexit deadlock now

  • Look beyond the Irish backstop problem: The May `deal’ leads inexorably to a `vassal state’ OR a `crash out’ deferred to 2020.
  • The EU27 has made it plain that it will maintain its `autonomy of decision making’: ask EEA/EFTA/Switzerland what this means in practice.
  • A Government of National Unity (GNU) must ask EU27 for a timetable extension to work thoroughly through the options. Then Parliament decides OR puts it back to the people.
  • The GNU would have two prime tasks:
    1. Set up a Parliamentary Commission of the whole of Parliament to examine in full detail all the implications of each option that commands any reasonable support in the House of Commons. If there is no clear `winner’ in the House voting, then Parliament should ask the people to choose between the top two options – having sent each elector a summary of the Parliamentary Commission’s comparison of the two options.
    2. Begin the national healing: identify the areas where EU migration has deprived the indigenous population of proper access to public services; start a crash programme of sorting it – funded by a temporary `solidarity’ tax surcharge until 2020 (Note: 1p on income tax for four years = £20 billion).
  • Who should lead this GNU? The Father of the House – Ken Clarke – has an unrivalled breadth of experience in 24 years in government/50 years in the House. Mrs May should step down and recommend the Queen to call on him to form a GNU. That would be a fitting answer to Her Majesty’s recent call to find “common ground”.

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