Operation Reality, as published inteh Kent & Sussex Courier on Friday, April 16, 2021

The violence in Northern Ireland is unacceptable and distressing.  It was also entirely predictable as a direct consequence of the 23/6 disaster. 

Your readers will remember what the Brextremists called ‘Project Fear’ and which every day can be seen as Operation Reality.  The real fear is that following an inevitable referendum leading to Irish unity,  something close to civil war breaks out in Ireland. 

Several of your regular correspondents would like ‘re-mourners’ like me to accept our ‘defeat’ and hide under a stone.  They will be disappointed. 

We will continue to mourn the loss of Britain’s place in the world, and mourn the end of free and fair elections in the UK, and publicise the reality of life after Brexit. 

They will continue to try to justify their views by picking up any tabloid story against the EU; but for their information, the EU doesn’t care. 

The 27 independent sovereign states have moved on leaving the UK to suffer the consequences of its folly.

Steve Barrass

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