Thank you

We are very grateful to you for supporting our campaign.


The Government and the Opposition are paralysed by internal dissent and have effectively put party interest before the welfare of the country. In a situation where our elected representatives are unable to rise above their factional interests, it is time for voters to take back control and express their democratic opinion.

Your support will help us campaign for a People's Vote to end the log jam at Westminster. The mood of the electorate has changed and from the latest six polls, more British people wish to remain than leave the EU, now that the consequences of a no-deal are becoming apparent. The will of the people is changing now that they can see that Brexit will only benefit the self interested multi-millionaires behind it. Brexit has divided the country and the vast majority of people think the Government is doing a bad job.

The 1066 Branch aims to influence our constituency MP's, lobby the Government, express our views to the media, hold Action Days to get our message across to voters and counter the false propaganda peddled by the Leave campaign.

The European Movement is an independent, cross-party organisation committed to keeping the UK in the EU. We draw our strength from our members, supporters and volunteers. Our belief is that there is no deal better for our country than full EU membership and our nationwide grassroots network is campaigning to keep the UK at the heart of Europe. If you are willing to help conserve the values and standards of a civilised country then join us to make your voice heard and change the course of events.